Heavenly Father,

You are worthy of all praise as the one who created all things, sustains all things and is moving all things towards the glorious conclusion you have planned for them. We thank you especially for sending your Son, that through him we have forgiveness and life and hope. Thank you for your wonderful plan of redemption and for fellowship we now have with you through your Son and in your Spirit.

Father, our world is broken and we are more aware of that than ever as a result of this COVID pandemic. We long for that day when every tear will be wiped away, when death will be no more, and there will be no more grief or pain. But we know we are not there yet and we pray that you might enable us to live as your light in the midst of this darkness, testifying to your continued goodness and the hope that has been secured for all your people through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We pray that you might sustain us in all that you have given us to do in this moment. Especially we pray for those involved in education and training. As our schools seek to continue their important work in stressful and difficult circumstances, would you please keep teachers and students safe, and help them to care for each other. We pray for those who are  facing critical points in their education, particularly those preparing for their final exams and assessments towards the HSC, and ask for a diligence in study that is surrounded at every point by a calm confidence in you and your provision.

We pray for those training for Christian ministry in this context. Please enable them to grow in faith and love and in the knowledge of your word. May they be shaped by you in ways which will prepare them well for what lies ahead on the other side of this pandemic. Would you pour out your Spirit and enable a new season of evangelism, Christian growth and healthy church life to emerge in the months ahead.

Father, all our hope is in you. We trust your promises and look forward to the day to come when the Lord Jesus will return to bring all your purposes to their fulfilment.

It is in his name that we pray. Amen