We Believe

20170420_201832St Peter’s is a community proud of its associations with the worldwide Anglican Communion. With that openness which characterized Christ we endeavour to be welcoming to people of widely diverse backgrounds. We don’t pretend for one moment to be a perfect community, but rather one where people can experience tolerance and grow in appreciation of one another.

Ours is a time for listening as well as for speaking. We would like to think that we at St Peter’s are gradually coming to listen to the voices of others beyond the Christian Faith with their questions and suggestions, as well as to the Voice of the One whose name we bear: Jesus Christ.

St Peter’s community aspires to honour the Catholic tradition which we find rooted in both Scripture and the practices of the church of the Apostles and the generations following them. Ours is a Eucharistic-centred parish. Everything in our life together seems to lead up to and move out from the Sunday Eucharist.

We have a strong tradition of rich liturgical worship, with emphasis on the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, marriage, and anointing with holy oil.  As well as a rich liturgy with music, we have fine preaching, deep spirituality in a beautiful church decorated with devotional art.  We are an inclusive, caring community drawing our congregation from within Cremorne and beyond.