weddingWe thank you for your enquiry about a wedding at St Peter’s and hope to be able to assist you prepare for that happy and sacred event as the beginning of a lasting and fruitful marriage.Please read the information provided here, and if you wish to proceed contact our parish priest, Fr Tim St Quintin to make an appointment to which both bride and groom will need to attend.


When a couple comes to be married in the Church, it should mean that they desire the blessing of God on their marriage, and that they want to begin their life together in God’s sight and in God’s presence.  A man and a woman take each other as husband and wife not only as a private act of commitment, but also before society and before God.

The Marriage Service centres around the two of you and your vows of love and loyalty to each other; vows which you make before God and God’s people.  Because of this, it is only right that you participate, along with the Minister, in the planning.  In this way the service will reflect your individuality and should be more meaningful for you on this important and happy day.  It will also help you to keep in mind that the service is a service of worship and all that is done and said, played or sung, should be an offering of praise to God, and in keeping with the Christian faith.

Weddings in the Parish of St Peters use the Rites of the Anglican Church. It is a Christian service reflecting both the joy and dignity of the occasion as couples seek God’s blessing on their marriage.

We expect that the couple will have a relationship with the Anglican Church and that at least one party is baptised.

If either party is divorced, you will need to discuss with the priest. The bishop’s permission is needed before the marriage can proceed


A deposit of $100 is expected to be paid at the time of making a firm booking. Such a booking cannot be made until the couple has had an interview with the priest.

Saturday is the most popular day for a ceremony, however, it is possible to have a weekday wedding. The church is available from 11am on a Saturday until the early evening. St Peters’ is not available for a wedding on Easter Eve (Saturday before Easter Sunday) but may be available on Sunday afternoons.



If you would like to receive a copy of the parish’s wedding booklet “Getting Married at St Peters” please call 9953 1050 or email and a copy will be forwarded. Should you wish to make a tentative booking please contact Fr Tim to arrange an interview.

To enquire about weddings, please contact the rector or fill out the online enquiry form with proposed date and time of your wedding ceremony.